QGroup Foundation’s Mask-Up Campaign: Protecting Communities Amidst Covid-19

QGroup Foundation's Mask-Up Campaign: Protecting Communities Amidst Covid-19

Taking Action for a Safer Tomorrow

In a powerful demonstration of its commitment to community well-being, the QGroup Foundation has launched the Mask-Up Campaign—a strategic initiative designed to distribute free face masks to institutions facing heightened vulnerability to Covid-19. This campaign calls attention to the organisation’s dedication to corporate social responsibility while addressing the urgent need for protective measures against this ongoing pandemic.

Impactful Contributions to Health and Security

Central to the campaign’s distribution strategy was the provision of protective face masks to key healthcare institutions. The distribution list featured a roster of major hospitals, including the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital, Kanifing General Hospital, Brikama Hospital, Bundung Maternal and Child Health Hospital, and the SOS Mother and Child Clinic.

The campaign also extended its protective embrace to the realm of security forces. Acknowledging the selfless dedication of the Gambia Police Force and the Armed Forces, each of these institutions received a donation of 10,000 face masks, the nature of the QGroup Foundation’s commitment to safeguarding those at the forefront of community safety.

Empowering Education and Higher Learning Institutions

Recognizing the pivotal role of education in national progress, the Mask-Up Campaign extended its reach to institutions of higher learning. The initiative recognized the University of The Gambia (UTG), Gambia Technical and Training Institute (GTTI), and Gambia College, providing them with essential face masks to ensure the safety of teachers, students, and staff members.

A Message of Hope and Unity

Isatou Secka-Jah, Director of the QGroup Foundation, offered an inspiring message of hope. She expressed her aspiration that the distributed masks would serve as guardians for vulnerable patients, frontline health workers, security personnel, and the academic community.

Continued Support for The Gambia

The roots of QGroup’s dedication to combating Covid-19 trace back to the virus’s emergence in March 2020. Since then, the organisation has consistently shown support through various means. From contributing cash donations to providing essential sanitary materials for schools’ safe reopening, QGroup’s reach extends to addressing basic necessities for struggling families.

In essence, the QGroup Foundation’s Mask-Up Campaign stands as a beacon of unity. It echoes the collective commitment of diverse institutions, united in the pursuit of safeguarding their communities. In the face of uncertainty, this campaign shines as a testament to the power of collaboration in the ongoing battle against the pandemic.

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