Community Campaigns

In this section, we explore our community programs and initiatives undertaken by the QGroup Foundation.

Empowering Entrepreneurs Campaign

This program aims to celebrate and honor exceptional achievements within the business community.

In a vibrant event held at the QCell auditorium, we proudly present cash prizes to winners in categories such as “Young Entrepreneur of the Year,” “Business Woman of the Year,” and “Runner-up for Business Woman of the Year.” These awards go beyond their monetary value, as they signify our appreciation for their hard work and dedication while inspiring others to strive for excellence. By recognizing these entrepreneurs, we empower their ventures, and set an example of success for the entire community.

Fatoumata Njie of Yaxare, named “Young Entrepreneur of the Year,” received a well-deserved award of D250,000. Ida Saine Conteh, the visionary founder of Ida’s Ideas Fashion and Design Institute, was honored as the remarkable “Business Woman of the Year” and received a prize of D250,000. Kumba Daffeh, the driving force behind Tresor Women Warriors, was recognized as the “Runner-up for Business Woman of the Year” and received D100,000.

Our Impact

The far-reaching impact of this program extends beyond individual entrepreneurs

  • By showcasing success stories, we inspire aspiring entrepreneurs, especially women and youth, to unleash their potential and make meaningful contributions to the economy.
  • As winners use their awards to develop and expand their ventures, they generate employment, uplift families, and stimulate local economies.

Through this program, the QGroup Foundation envisions a future where our business community flourishes, contributing to the overall prosperity of the nation.

From our founder

We spend a considerable portion of our budget on education and health because we believe education is the only prerequisite to development and health is wealth

Isatou Jah- CEO

The Grand Ndogou Campaign

This campaign stands as a big commitment of the QGroup Foundation to foster good health and well-being for women in The Gambia.

In the spirit of compassion, QCell and the QGroup Foundation have introduced the Grand Ndogou initiative, a heartwarming endeavor during the holy month of Ramadan. With a focus on providing essential sustenance and relief to those who are most vulnerable and in need. Targeting 200 communities stretching from Banjul to Koina, this initiative particularly extends support to Madrasas, orphanages, and various community organizations.

Our Impact

  • By delivering essential food items like rice, sugar, and dates, we alleviate the burden of hunger and provide essential nourishment to those who need it most.
  • This act of kindness directly contributes to the well-being of children in Madrasas and orphanages, ensuring they have access to nutritious meals during the fasting month
  • Moreover, this initiative fosters a sense of unity and shared responsibility among community members, emphasizing the value of coming together to support one another.

Through the Grand Ndogou initiative, we reinforce the principles of empathy, care, and giving back, resonating positively with our fellow Gambians – may this campaign inspire a chain of positive change that ripples through our society.