QGroup Foundation’s Honourable Act: The Aftermath of the Brikama Market Fire

QGroup Foundation's Honourable Act: The Aftermath of the Brikama Market Fire

In a world where caring and sharing are essential virtues, the QGroup Foundation has embodied these values with this generous act. On the 9th of October 2018, a sum of D1,000,000.00 was donated to the victims of a devastating fire outbreak in Brikama Market, which had occurred just a week earlier. This charitable endeavor was more than just a financial donation; it symbolized a commitment to rebuild lives and communities.

The Generous Donation

The QGroup Foundation’s donation of D1,000,000.00 was a lifeline to those who had suffered severe losses in the Brikama Market fire. Thirty-five stalls, along with their merchandise, had been reduced to ashes in this tragic incident. The immediate impact of this contribution offered hope and a chance to recover for the affected individuals and families.

Chairperson's Gratitude

During the announcement of this remarkable gesture, Mr. Sheriffo Sonko, Chairperson of the Brikama Area Council, quoted the saying, “Someone who’s looking for shade met the maghrib shade,” expressing profound gratitude to the QGroup Foundation. This saying reflects the belief that when someone is in dire need, a helping hand can make all the difference.

Muhammed Jah's Perspective

Mr. Muhammed Jah, the CEO of QGroup, shared his perspective on this act of kindness. He recounted watching the news on QTV, where he learned about the tragic fire disaster that had befallen Brikama Market. Mr. Jah’s actions, however, were not driven by charity or business motives. But firmly believed that this donation should be directed towards rebuilding and upscaling the market itself. He also sympathised with the affected entrepreneurs who, despite their losses, continued to work diligently to support their families and communities.

Not Just an Investment

It’s crucial to understand that this act of generosity was not an investment seeking returns in terms of customers or value. Mr. Jah’s years of experience in both business and philanthropy had shaped his perspective on challenges. He viewed them not as obstacles but as opportunities for growth and positive change. His gratitude extended to the leadership roles and entrepreneurial spirit displayed by those who persevered in the face of adversity.

This act of helping the victims was an act of honor. Mr. Jah encouraged everyone to support these resilient individuals to stand on their feet once more.

Inspiring Community Support

The QGroup Foundation, in collaboration with the Brikama Area Council and the National Disaster Management Agency, took an extra step to ensure transparency and inclusivity. They established a temporary account with AGIB Bank, named “Brikama Market Fire Disaster Relief Fund,” to enable contributions from people of all walks of life. The goal was clear: to raise D5 million within two weeks to aid the affected entrepreneurs in rebuilding their lives and businesses.

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